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    Jungle Boy

    Posted by Matthew Zink on

    Our latest campaign, "Jungle Boy" is inspired by our very first Charlie boy, Alex Geerman.

    Alex, an Aruba native, has always had an infectious positivity on set.  Many times arriving on his longboard to the shoot with that huge smile, or doing flips and handstand walks in between shots and jumping onto platforms. He truly has been like having our own incredible Tarzan right here in the city. I was always inspired to see his athletic physicality, fearlessness, and natural confidence in his own skin. 

    I wanted to create a story that showcased Alex's natural beauty, powerful physique, and his wild spirit. Shot by photographer Greg Vaughan and edited by Charlie Art Director Luis Cintron, we set Alex loose in the studio wearing nothing but our Charlie by Matthew Zink underwear and clothing classics. 

    Enjoy the story and SHOP all the Classic Underwear


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    • As an artist / Fashion Designer and photographer and friend of Alex and his mother and father must honestly admit that you have not only picked truly choice of a delightful human being for this article / project for Charlie editorial fashion modeling and review .. Alex is a kind soul and gentle man who has tremendous respect for people as I can attest to this first hand. An old neighbor in New York and Aruba as well spent time together enjoying life the way it is suppose to be.. A delightful young man to whom I wish all the very best always and in all ways … Congratulations Alex Warmest Regards Antonia McCauley Oahu, Hawaii

      Antonia on

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