#Charliebymz FAN PHOTO PERFECTION! I just received a new series shot by a few of our sexiest #charliefans (@ljpofficial and @matlula) wearing their Spring 2015 "Aqua and Navy Scarf Lifeguard Briefs."  

I thought the images had such exceptional energy, I took the time to add our Charlie Magic.  

The shots seem to capture that perfect day at the beach when you can enjoy your own slice of heaven with each other.  You can almost smell the coconut oil right before they run into the waves together or back to the beach house...

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Thank you boys!
And you can shop our entire Scarf Collection

Keep tagging ALL your Fan Photos with #Charliebymz and #Charliefan on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  You inspire me everyday!


Matthew Zink
Matthew Zink


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